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services, and consulting for the utility industry
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Professional services that deliver real value for your business!

Dashboard Construction & Migration

Our professionals have extensive experience delivering business intelligence tools and applications grounded on a deep knowledge of the business processes, enterprise applications, and data sources supporting the Utility market. This has allowed us to deliver solutions that integrate data from multiple disparate systems, delivering near-real-time and event-driven dashboards that support thousands of users, ranging from field supervisors to the CFO and CEO.
With this expertise, OBI Partners provides professional services to enhance, expand and support existing business analytic solutions, as well as serve clients that are looking to migrate their BI dashboards to other platforms, technologies, or mobile devices.

ETL Construction & Performance Tuning

Preparing data for use within an operational business intelligence solution is the key to a project's success. Many disparate sources of information must be integrated to provide the operational insights and comprehensive picture necessary to make informed operational and strategic decisions.  
OBI Partners' professional services for data integration and data quality includes:
  • Services to extract, transform, and load information from disparate sources including; OMS, DMS/SCADA, WMS, Asset Management, CRM, AMR, and GIS, in real-time or as needed, to support operational business intelligence solutions.
  • Services to filter and cleanse data so that decisions are made based on trustworthy information that is sufficient enough to be informative.
  • Services to tune existing ETL processes, to support the expansion of data volumes, solution functionality, and usage.
  • Extended services to manage production ETL processes and to ensure the operational business intelligence solutions are fully available when needed.

Data Quality & Completeness Review

As the industry continues its movement towards real-time actionable intelligence, its imperative that the decisions they make are based on accurate and complete data.  OBI Partners leverages our Data Integrity module with our Assessment Services to ensure operational data meets the client’s expectations.  This blend of assessment services and product enables OBI Partners to evaluate 10s of millions of records against 30+ categories of data integrity checks in a short period of time. Once the assessment is complete, OBI Partners will put in place automated methods and strategies on how to cleanse the data on an ongoing basis.  .

OBI Partners Data Assessments can uncover issues such as:
  • Incomplete or unusable data
  • Inconsistent or conflicting data
  • Missing or inaccurate data relationships
  • Data which is informative by definition, but is not in practice
OBI Partners offer 30 to 45 day Data Assessments that identify where data issues exist and provide methods for correcting them.

Extended Services

OBI Partners offers Extended Services for customers who require additional product and/or services support but cannot get that need fulfilled by their existing vendor contracts or are too costly to acquire.
This includes:
24x7 FocalPoint System Support
We provide production support for ABB FocalPoint installations.  This support includes “base” product support, custom enhancement support, and ETL Support.  This program is available on a multi-year commitment basis.
Extended Professional Services
For customers who want to budget funds for enhancements throughout the year we offer reduced rates for extended commitments.