Providing Operational Business Intelligence solutions,
services, and consulting for the utility industry
Providing Operational Business Intelligence solutions, services and consulting for the utility industry

Electric T&D


Gas T&D

Our professionals have extensive application experience serving Fossil, Hydro and Nuclear customers. Our application experience includes Asset Management, Work Management, Documentation and Work Flow Management, and Reliability Reporting. We have worked in partnership with our customers to provide solutions addressing productivity and efficiency across their Generation fleets.
Our professionals have provided Analytic and Business Intelligence Solutions, Services and Consulting for Gas T&D and combined Electric and Gas T&D customers. Our experience includes Smart Meter Analytics, Leak Detection, Cathodic Protection, Work Management, Workforce Productivity and Efficiency, OSHA Reporting and Revenue Analysis, to name a few. Our solutions and services provided intelligent decision support dashboards for thousands of users across an organization from Field Supervisors to the CFO and CEO.
Our professionals have extensive experience providing Operational Business Intelligence solutions and services that integrates information from AMI, OMS/DMS, Asset Management, WMS, Mobile, CIS, Financials, GIS and other systems to support decision making in the midst of significant events, day to day operations, or planning and strategizing for increased efficiency and cost savings. Our users range from Field Supervisors to the CEO, serving thousands of users in between.
Meeting your business needs.

Delivering Business Results
Our track record has been providing intuitive and compelling business analytics, situational awareness, and decision support solutions that simplify complex human and data intensive processes enabling you to manage your business better.
Rapid Deployment
Our extensive experience with utility applications, business processes, and industry best practices, enables us to to rapidly deploy analytical projects for our clients at a fraction of the cost. 
Business Specialists.
Return on Investment
The majority of our projects have provided a Return on Investment within the first year of operation.  Our clients realise this in many ways; as cost savings, productivity & efficiency gains, increased customer satisfaction, and increased equipment reliability.
OBI Partners was founded by seasoned veterans with extensive experience in the electric and natural gas utility marketplace.  Our specialists provide Products, Professional Services, Extended Support and Consulting for customers seeking, implementing or enhancing their advanced analytical decisions support solutions.
Making ideas a reality
OBI Partners delivers high value iterative solutions that support specific client needs, while fitting within a framework for broad use across the industries we serve.
OBI Partners provides consulting services to Utilities and Solution Partners from conceptual design through deployment. By leveraging our solutions experience, we can support our customers throughout the life cycle of a project.  Consulting Services includes Project Management, Data Migration, Integration, Training and Go Live support.
OBI Partners provide a wide range of professional services; from dashboard design and construction, to project management and deployment, to 24x7 production support and extended services. Information services include; data integration, performance tuning, data quality assessments, and solutions to correct data quality issues.
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